I wanted to solve it all, myself; first
I didn’t want resolve or to converse
I’d been hurt the worst; yet, cast not a curse

He ripped apart our family
We all started turning so cold
Mutilated, not our bodies but souls

I had let my controlling power go
Invested my trust into him; ya know?
He took that trust & fucked it up; 10 fold

I saw him wandering lost; defeated
Aimlessly dodging cars on the streets
He was strung out beyond my belief

A weary soul, slumped along side the building
Closing his lids, begging the gods for him to forgive
Uttering how life’s so unfulfill’ing to live

He couldn’t stand life knowing what he had did
The only barrier I had, to you, forbid
Now it is my life to live; with you I do rid