Into the depth of auburn eyes
So many years; to have cried
Pains retching from deep inside
If you could just look to see………why

Strangling reality; under-minding thee
I don’t know what to do; I can’t breathe
I feel more than what’s told; you see
Yet, I know my mind lies horribly to me

Let trust slip through thine fingers
Onto the floor, innocence spilled
Picked up by those with ill will
Waiting to pounce the prey; for the kill!

Everyone to have taken advantage
Everyone to have used
Everyone to have abused
Everyone to have walked all over

How much are you going to get used
It’s just because of years of abuse
The unintentional use of self being obtuse’d
There is no longer a way to confuse the two

Memories to flood the scene
Ripping apart every conceivable dream
Every wish and hope strangled w/your own rope
How much longer can you cope?