Those lies….
White lies worsening w/time
I just want to shake you & scream WHY!?
I eat my words & sit in regret; watching it die
Watching you flounder behind your spoken words
Screaming, “Happy Birthday Baby,” Planted the seed
Turning into one of your, befriended, noxious weed(s)
You did not realize, in your anger, what you’d done
Until it was too late and the ending had begun
Those lies……
You know the ones
Tripping you up all the time
Tiring it is to always boldface lie to me
Couldn’t keep your story straight was the key
All those times you exclaimed you didn’t talk that way
Put anything like that on display!!!
You’re a fucking hypocrite; you see?
Can you get your simple lies believed?
The day before your special day
That is now what you try to say,
Too bad the truth remains;
That I can not contain
Forever to remain,
blood on hands;
Pathetic lies…..
The feeling inside
Filling thine eyes
Streaming so slowly,
With each heavy sigh
Wishing you stopped
Mostly, before I cried
No more yelling in my face
For that, in you, I so despise
Mascara, already, stained this face
From your past mishaps and those mistakes
Here, to be alone; to cradle myself to sleep
It’s better than being lied to…no matter the keep

…….may your dreams haunt you
tonight, in your waking moments
……………..…..not in your sleep!