The older I get the harder the smile
The deeper the wrinkle
The sharper the crease

It’s not the want to find that happy place
It’s the path I seem to take in its place
I feel ultimately like a huge disgrace; mis-placed

My tears swell; burning worse than first
Trapped, stuck between what’s reality vs. Not?
Hush my child, don’t say a word

It’s better to know you are crazy than not
It’s okay to speak your mind scream; A LOT
Let loose of those emotions like I taught

This spinning around gets sickening quick
There is no MERRY go round to be found
This shit ain’t no hokey pokey; it’s legit

Easy prey, ready for the kill
Those are the words they’d spill
Is everyone evil as their free will?

Tell me they are lies
Blurted out by others sides
Those burned & never cried

Please tell me there is still hope
That this isn’t my final line
My last hope of how to cope

Letting time slip past
Ready to spill out my last
How to quit idk…..