The luster in her eyes
One’s to which your heart capsized
She’s lost friend…best let go of her hand

Beneath those auburn embers
Deepened in her soul
A coldness emerged & has taken hold

It stole her breath
It raped her spirit
Left her for dead; earth to inherit

To slay such a demon in her head
Behold a gentle heart instead
Grasp the reins and forge ahead

Oh, you simple minded mess!
What is it you TRULY want to confess?
Whine & cry because you can’t reason?

Suffering a void; always wondering why
Crumpling to the floor with a silent cry
The desire to die w/each heavy sigh

Come on pathetic bitch….
You just “say” you want to end it & DIE
You are but a quitter; I spy

From the gallows of her mind
To the pit of her stomach
Her utmost fear; as she plummets

Pity party enough for two; table for one
Come one, come all
Let’s have some fun

I’ve finished my time
I punch my card; I resign
I can not take this anymore….

It’s about time…
Sign this bottom line
Not needed with blood this time