I ponder my words
Glance at my clock
Is it really that absurd?

Once again 11:11[pm]
Taunting me; I laugh back
Jokes on me; If you were to ask!

No meaning to the numbers
They are just given to you for hope; alas
Others wishing happiness; my ass

I’m drowning in emotional diarrhea
Suffocating on toxic fumes of feces
For me to believe; how can this be?

I see my blessings before me
I count them; wanna see?
What exactly does this do for me?

Does little Suzie down the lane
You know the one, who’s lame?
Would she compare us the same?

I fight these demons YOU created
The blows to my body, mind, & ego
The vicious truth you want displaced

Who was it who graced my face
The middle of the night …perfume
With horrible fright–your sexual delights

Grimaced and squirmed; tears as it burned
I was so very young; quickly learned
What life was, to live w/out a soul

Blackened nights
Horrors of frights
Sanity stolen from her bed @ night

Darkness to harbor her haven
Falling into the streets; she ran for keeps
Never wanting to, ever, repeat defeat

Curled in a tree; hard to believe
Climbing unto roof tops to sleep in safety
Stealing to feed; desperation of need

No warm hand to hold
No loving mother
Father bought & sold

Now, well, aren’t we all too old?
A family she’s raised; on her own
2 children and so many animals“unknown”

Her mental state kept her his (stale)mate
Welling deep inside; her tears she cried
Bound & chained; never to be the same

A marriage to have had soured
She no longer could continue to cower
Her whole life he had so selfishly devoured

Is this her end game……?