Desires replaying deep in your soul
Nights spent full of wants; out of your control
Dreams to tease & haunt; never to hold

Her succulent floral scents to linger
In your mind, you again, she to undress
Her naked flesh; you transcend….blessed

Her raw bareness, none could compare
Fantasizing about her wild wonder lust
Dreaming of the time you’d missed; BUST

Licking the tips of her nastiest of thoughts
You can only imagine HER desires & wants
Wanting you more than she got not

Needing you, she wishes not to transpire
Her heart laid, too many times, on the wire
Only to be found under fire

Onto her knees she would descend
IF she loves you MORE than just a friend
She’ll suck every drop until u beg her to stop

Never to be stolen from her again
She’s to steal your seed from your stem
Nothing like you had experience; my friend