Her love once; so very sublime
She laid her life upon the line
Deciding it was well over time

A simple handshake, she was sold
She thought he was surly a hottie
In her sights she devoured him whole

Losing his grip on reality; a dog he be
He continued to frolic w/the fleas
Talking trips with others to see

She knew he, to be her once dreamed King
Sat in the background; w/her silent screams
Waiting to please him; behind the scenes

Squeezing her heart; to his pure delight
He,admitting to only his feelings being right
He hath no haste for she’s only disgraced

His lies and deceit
His excuses as she retreats
Covering his tracks so very neat

Too bad he is a thief
One who stole her heart
To her unadulterated disbelief

She quickly got dressed
Donned her bra & panty set
Replacing her mascara & is refreshed

Noticing the silhouette of her turned back
She, stepping out of the threshold track
Looking over her shoulder w/a last glance

She hissed,
“That was your last chance!!!!”
“No more romance!!!!!”