You scorned my pride
Bore my feeling from inside
Belittled me as to why you made me cry

Not the first but surly feels the worst
Trying to see past what I spied
On your birthday words you did try hide

Her love echoed from your lips
You fouled, it was a sinful wicked slip
I hope you enjoy her; you, I’ll dearly miss

Those voiceless words you did try hide
19 days is what had lapsed in time
It doesn’t take a genius to know why

You berate my intelligence…..
Take away my pride
You pissed on my pride is why I cry

Wanting to believe in his lies
His excuses as to why he’s a piece of fuck
Blaming his simple plain bad luck

Me, I am always in doubt
Instinctively I hush a scream, “Get Out”
That’s not what my hearts is about

Play me the fool; use me as your tool
Jaded by the words you never spoke
Always claiming my anger a joke

My hope is lost and my drive is dead
I can barely get out of bed
I think it’s from this relationship DREAD!

The torment you cause my soul
Anguish and pain; you knew your end game
Don’t act naive now & call me insane

I am not the one to take the shame!!!

You try to call me out
“They are only friends,” You hysterically shout
Too preoccupied w/deleting things out

I, to wander for awhile
It only starts to compile
His behavior never to subside; why?

He’s proven over this time
Walking that fine line
I need not more signs


Go be free w/your ‘just’ friends
Those are the ones you defend & protect
It was ‘just’ this relationship you had wrecked

Be Proud Of Your Choice!