Time to heal wounds
Gaping and gashed
Bleeding and abashed

Stitched and stapled
Disassociation enabled
Crazy to be labeled unstable

You brought me here
You brought me to these tears
You took me to my darkest fears

Too much time you gave
Let it fester and misbehave
As you hide your unfaithful ways

19 days I sat in silence
Waiting for “your highness”
To enlighten me as to why all this

Your empty excuses fall onto deafened ears
You built the wax wall all these years
From all the dishonesty that’s in arrears

Lie after lie you had smeared
Across my face, your friends jeer’s
I am the fool; so it appears

Go be with them: I am done here
You protect their actions & words
While chastising me if seen or heard