My heart, I rescind
Peace be w/you
My once lover & friend
Comprehend… nothing to mend….

For you, it was all pretend; in the end

“Happy Birthday Baby…”
after you tell me it’s not legit
In a full blown fit of a display
“Just’ friends you try to say

1 + 1 will ALWAYS equal 2; just, not for me & you

Blocking me was a dumb deed
It planted this noxious seed
Two wrongs, never right
I came clean & saw the light

You’re full of nasty hate-filled spite

Your continuous fights into the nights
I am so tired of this plight
Never able to make things right
I’m sinking; no land in sight

I want to jump ship; into the water

I sit in a world of misery
Trying to cover up all your lies in our history
Giving me those puppy dog eyes
I am sorry to have grown too wise

All your actions have spoke loud & clear

You weren’t in this my dear….
Not from the beginning nor now
You’ve had your feelers out
As you always carried your doubt

It’s too bad…..

They are just your friends of ‘all time’. You know the ones, you’d never let me meet. I was a disgrace is what you did speak. I see where I stand; alone in the street.  It’s okay….my heart, this I will keep!  I never forget the lies you told. You getting caught; yet, onto her you hold. A lesson no matter; even if not sought. How painful or not….it had to be taught!!