Force fed your lies, like some filthy disease
I need something to cure this, Please
A shot or a pill to pop?
Something …..make this stop!
I bequeath you my ashes; to set me free
I’ve been dead long before you left me
Reality is not what I wanted to conceive
I was hoping on a miracle for me to believe
The same
There is nothing you can do
You’ve done it all already
There is nothing you can say
You don’t mean it anyway
I’m having the hardest time
Unable to speak
Lost in thought
Feeling so weak
Nightmares to haunt my, once, dreams
A skeleton key; you hid
19 days you kept it from me
Actions to scream, you are 110% guilty
Your ultimate wish of me pleading
This heart of mine can do no more bleeding
I stuff it away; plaster that smile for display
Go about my merry fucking way