I’m still so very numb
Dumb, you think I am
Yes, stupid for letting you stall time
Too bad you waited 20 days & deleted every page

You, then, came to me w/phone in hand
Presented to me your deleted indiscretions
Too bad you couldn’t face the music & lied anyway
Tasting your lack of sincerity; firsthand

The lies you have so spun
Avoidance is considered one
You tried to sweep this; too, away
I’m sick of your lies & fake display

If you had, as you like to say, loved me every day
You wouldn’t have been talking to girls, anyway
Why did you restrict me from 'seeing' your page
To not see the women who wish you (their baby) a happy birthday

Do you really think I'm THAT stupid?
You scream you did nothing wrong
Claiming you know not how to do; set the restrictions too
But you know how to hide your comments...tricky you!

I hope you have spread smiles on their faces
For, You spat on my feelings by denying me the truth
You crushed my spirit, killed my care for you
I am not worthy of your truth is what's so uncouth
I will not forget your indiscretion with all of this
You should have come clean when I presented it
Instead like a coward you ran from it
Lies & deceit is what your actions did repeat

I will not continuously be played the fool
Act your sweet self & tell me sweet nothings to melt
You see, this is over for me---you dissed me
You made my heart drop it’s last bead

All by your lack of actions & your dishonest deeds
Go be w/them and spread your prolific seed
Let me the fuck alone; let me be, stop holding me
I can no longer weep one single tear to cry for thee

This is our final; you see~~~~
Good Bye