A heart eschewed, when it had once believed in you
It was suppose to be fantastic in all ways; you see
The day of birth should be totally happy; worry free

Her trust being betrayed by the words he did read
He fed her, what she had, once dished out for thee
She had confessed her sins; he felt not the need

He lied to her face; once again, another line
She so disgraced after he stalled in every way
Actions brought such havoc on what was sublime

Who was she.. to think that he’s her BABY????
Everything he so quickly tried to deny & erase
Showed what and who mattered in the first place

He kissed those very words of another
It was not from his g/f or his mother
Who was she? The words had been asked
His answer very quick and quite crass

Tried to omit & say it wasn’t quite legit
His tongue tripped before he had knew it
Hissed from his thin pursed angered lips
Her name she had missed; she was so pissed

His hesitation spoke loudest of all
The rising of all her infamous walls
Wanting to disappear; from her fears
Lost in a world of contagious dismay

Bitter concrete, she fell to the floor 
She had crumbled, like never had before
No truth; for his lies spill’t some more
She emotionally could take not much more

She implores
....wash your soul right here & now....

I'm sorry, you must [then] go