Hidden in a special private space
 A red ribbon tied; as to not mistake
 Lover’s notes, never able to be replaced
 Hope in the chest is where they are kept safe

Searching through the dresser drawers
 Looking for those endearing love letters & more
 Dried flowers & poems to read; indeed
 Sweet cards & candy wrappers to tease

Playing with curves of its wooden shadows
 By candle, pulling out each drawer like a vandal
 Manhandled more than what was substantial
 A few at once, time was of an essential

To many etched a claim, scratching in baby for a name
Each of the dresser drawers you kept so many the same
It was killed by lack of actions & display; only ran away
Left me void of an explanation..w/a HUGE DELAY

Neither side able to get wise 
Why couldn’t he just stop the petty lies
Follow the truth of an eternal prize
So much deceit, no trust for either to feel complete

Distrust, love hath now turn to dust