Youth far from her display of today
Haunting the deep crevasses of her mind
Never allowed out to play; confined
Hush, sweet child of mine…now’s NOT the time

Exhausting’ly in a last ditch attempt
She was trying to hold onto her presence
Building was nothing but pure contempt’ment
She tried to circumvent & repent the resentment

Deep lines becoming much more clear
Dark circles encasing sunken sockets
Once, beautiful burnt brown eyes
Life seemed to have sucked them dry

Tears , streams of blackened mascara
As she couldn’t hold them back; Niagara Falls
She crumpled to the floor & upon her knees & wept
From the depths of her tortured soul; she let go

Nothing was, as it was; not, the same
Life & liberty was seized; detained
Quarantined like some diseased remains
She completely off her rocker; insane