Concealing so many un-feelings of ill dealings
Each day, waking anew, “Who are you?”
Yet, her fear only grew “What is it with you?”

...What have you come for us to do...?

"You can’t imagine, nor should you try!"
"If you were I, spy with your little eye"
"You’ll surely see two or maybe even five"

...Why must we all so pathetically cry...?

A mind which plunges into the darkest of times
Nothing to prevent the switching of a display
Another personality has come to play

...Fuck it I say...

Her voices echoing discontentment & dismay
"How dare you expose us this way!"
 "what is it you wished to convey"?

"...Now, we must kill you, either anyway...!"

"You, hoping ourselves to simply go away?"
"Rather than with you...we are forced to stay!"
"We will cause you more problems in every way!"

"...That's for letting others know how we've helped you cope..."

Her spirit hath blackened by lack of hope
She inhales :::cough, sputter, choke::
Exhaled, a big white cloud of dope

...Your life is out of control; spun...

Their tones to torture beyond her gentle ears
Through her set of eyes; her tunnel vision re-arrives
"White rage is so very near; it’s pure ugliness, my dear"

"...This I must tell you to FEAR...!"

Reaching the peak of her emotional demise
She's had an epiphany & awoke to rise
Tightening a loose noose to fit her size

"...Save those sniveling cries...! "

To her Gods, she looks for introspection
Quickly she falls, jerking her neck
As selfish as she’s now, to become

Her final destiny; she had reached
Within her heart, she'll never to keep
But she had to do this; please do not weep

...She's finally at peace...