Once dishonest, no truth to ever behold
It was HB BABY that set old fears to reappear
Deny you don’t, admittance you won’t

Laughter with others; you so joyfully shared
Smiling from ear to ear; your eyes sparkled sincere
She gets to imagine days you use to look at her that way

A river of your lies flood out of her eyes
Another that called you, “baby,”
It so freely did slip from your lips

Her trust; you had finally broken
What a joke; yet, no pun was spoken
This is it, my sweet once, lover & friend

That woman will NEVER CONTEND!!!!
She’ll just dump you in the end
Go ahead & try to make amends

Futile attempts as you try to hide your lies
Push it under the rug…let it be; you beg of me
“I don’t want to see what it was I did to thee”

No longer can you beg nor plea w/she
She saunters on w/the crisp fall breeze
Setting herself, finally, free from thee