She awakens; again
Looking in the mirror
Jet black hair to flip
Her flare & quick wit

So hurried & late
Dons her gloss
Looks for flaws
Checks for mistakes

Adjusting her beautiful bosoms
She adorns them with black lace
Perfume sprayed in her favorite place
She is not one to make any time to waste

Passion surging deeper into her golden skin
Fire of lust filled love surging quickly w/in
He’s awoken a goddess from within
Flames, fed by the blowing wind

His hands; she guides
Exploring all the right places
Seducing her curves & her tiny spaces
His hidden heart she finds & heavily embraces

Black silken roses rose up her thighs
Fingers delicately traced each stem & thorn that did rise
He reached her most sensitive upper inner thigh w/a soft sigh
Shedding a tear, by her utter surprise, he kissed each threaded line

His lust-filled dreams came true that night
Stay the night; her flesh’end had insisted & even begged
How could he refuse such a sensual seductive invite of delights
After that night, those two were inseparable for life