Brushing her long golden locks
Delicious devious auburn eyes
Gazing in the mirror, quite a lot
1/2 lidd’ed; naughty look caught

Oh, what is it she has now sought
Your manly’hood more than naught
Fantasizing about stroking your throbbing cock
Her hands start to fumble her comb; she stops

Visualizing you, as if you were to travel down south
She gasps, her other hand clasps down on her mouth
Your tongue to flicker and tease her all about
Sucking her clit, there is no drought (no doubt)

She, getting drenched between her soft thighs
Gently spreading her legs; she lays one to the side
Mesmerized in her distant minds eye; hypnotized
She slides one of her slender fingers deep inside

Moaning your name; it intensified, even multiplied
She fucked her fingers like it where you inside
Her wet’ened thighs shook before becoming liquefied
Thoroughly enjoying the ride; she got ultimately satisfied