Please do not read if erotica offends you
……….Just another form of expression

“Come here,” she purrrrrrs
Drawing your hand to her sweet apricot
”NO!” she hisses, “Don’t you stop; look for the G-spot,”
As she had asked you for; so she had finally got

Withdrawing your fingers, dripping from her moist slit
Licking fingertips, for her sweet nectar, you don’t waste any of it
You stroke her & slide two in, further, just a bit
Moaning she insists you suck her clit

You protest, at first; caressing her most beautiful breasts
Your hands start to grope and fondle; she, you fully undress
Perky & pierced, for her pleasure, but you also win–no chagrin
Feeling the fires of what it is like to engage in her wicked desires

Your jewels start to bulge & ache; you start to shake
She unzips your jeans & slides her bareness to her knees
Her full lips, she sucks in your crown & wraps her mouth around
Gagging as she tries to swallow you all the way down

You feel lightheaded as your blood boils to quake
Your manhood fully engorged; you can barely take anymore
You fancy to moan, “you are my sweet sexy whore–suck no more”
You pull her off her knees & kiss her neck to bite to please

She twirls down onto all four & exposes her bare ass; up in the air some more
Putting her face in the pillow; you hear a sudden gasp & moan
“FUCK ME HERE,” she slaps below the heart in small of her back
You grip your cock & slowly slide it into her sweet spot

With a fervour you start fucking her… nonstop
She, begging for deeper; you quickly climb on top
Her thoughts vocally slipped out, “Fuck me baby…more & a lot”
Thrusting your swollen cock you both wind up in a lover’s knot

Climaxing together, ever so hot….& left quite the wet spot (HAHA)

I might take this same poem of mine & do what I call “shorten” it…LOL story time is over

🙂 Much Love & Light my Dearest Readers 🙂