I am all alone….

Come hither sweet child
Come take this; here, my hand
I will lead you to never-never land

Don’t be shy
Come on
Don’t you cry….

I told you why we had to fly
We are no way in the right
We have to leave sight

Don’t ask why
Come on
Don’t you try…

Evils are out there; you wanna see?
Worse than what I can do!
You have no clue what’s to ensue

Don’t you sigh
Come on
Don’t you lie

If you don’t believe in me
Let me show this to thee
{Exposing herself freely….}

Don’t you run
Come on
Don’t ruin the fun

She undressed the little girl, further
She would not stop
She then climbed on top
(she committed murder)

Don’t you scream
Come on
Don’t burst my dream

Cracking into her sacred spirit
Ripping out her innocence; so cold
Splitting her from mind, heart & soul

Don’t you moan
Come on
Don’t use that tone

She wanted to wither & die
She could not take the ride
Mind dumb’ed; body numbed

Don’t dislike
Come on
Don’t be un’woman-like

The bitch calls it, finally, quits
Licking every single fingertip
Blowing her a good night kiss

This child’s life was taken that night by a very vile evil woman who has won again & again……every single night…….long after she had walked out of sight………