She had to run & fast; out the door
Her first time was at the young age of 9
She could take no more abuse; this time

Sliding out into the pitch of night
Her favorite outfit & a special light
No fright for she locked the others in tight

A bag, to her, full w/goodies
Loaf of bread & peanut butter [no jelly]
She was, definitely, ready to go

It wasn’t something she had prepared
Yet, on her adventure, she wasn’t scared
Just one night, her sanity, she tried to spare

The darkened streets
The stillness & quiet under her feet
The blackness embraced her; complete

Amid the empty streets
In the trees she hid
Under play sets she’d dig

Hid amongst shadows; rest & retreat
Never “out in the open,” Sorta-speak
Engulfed in the darkest hour; her only power

Away from the ground roaming creeps
On top of roofs is where she’d sleep
Yet, you would barely catch her weep

Pray to the heaven’s to rescue her
Cry to the gods to give her reprieve
Beg for pure heart’ed mercy from her misery

She couldn’t say if she has ever had a dream
She couldn’t tell you what all she’s seen
She couldn’t tell you, really, anything

Too fearful to talk
If family can hurt you
Strangers too [doubly worse she assumed]

She knows she’s cursed….