I love myself but hate to look
Passion strong that peters all gone
A pretty face to morph into disgusting disgrace

A daily chore to stay a ‘norm’
Even keel as “they” like to say
I, never able to be that way

Furthermore, what’s in store
Grab your hat & get gone w/it
You might see her internal war

My friend, a horror show
The moods to shift; to and fro
The conniption fits; quickly grow

Brown eyes basking in bewilderment
Her tears just never seem to quit
What are you to do w/any of it?

Hidden behind, what some behold, beauty
She, but a saddened soul; sickened & outta control
It would behoove you to relinquish your hold

An inferno that burns
Beyond all boundaries
To ravish anything in it’s way

A fervor of angst turned to pure rage
Then the tears roll as the next display
Sitting behind this mirror I am to see

Someone that looks but doesn’t act like me…..