“How did 3 yrs go by so awfully fast?” 

looks down
Tears dropping
Unto the cold ground

Nothing for thee to hide
Both feeling incredibly high
Never to feel anymore than alive

Smiles had lit your dull days; ablaze
Enlightening of your lost ways; praised
You had watched a crazy awhile; amazed

Ravishing a soul to untold heights
Believed this one was to be right
They'll be more than just
One Night

Both to
Have stumbled
Discrepancies caught
Folding cards on the spot
Uttering your complete defeat
Obliging to his simple request
Confessed all your deceits
Exclaimed; weak

Run to hide
Blatant bold lie
Wrecked & incomplete
Commonly known deceit
For that, you did retreat
Only question left to ask 
Why'd he repeat that feat
Instead, alone you weep
He wasn't yours
To keep