I can be mean & cut you to the wick
I can be seen as quite inauspicious
My bark not as near as my bite; vicious

You came down happy this morning
I was surprised; by the way
I don’t know what had got into me today

Scorning you was not what I had planned
I would have given you full forewarning
I didn’t know what was to ensue this break of day

Tears started to well as I did stare
My temper seemed to flare
It was your lack of respect and over all care

I can’t believe my reactions
Still pissed by your lack of action
Your, later, infractions resolved to, only, your satisfaction

My heart bruised; third time the charm
First one, I was to be alarmed
Secondly, I to put up a guard to not scar
Thirdly, to carry on before more gets marred

You deny your lack of action
Yet, evidence screams another infraction
Hiding it, I do see as a blatant lie to me
If caught, you surely knew, I’d leave w/out you

The words you spewed; I already knew
Yet, you came back hollering to eat your words
Till I reminded you of what you said & I heard, too

How could I possibly believe
You running from me
Hours later after all you did was delete
Hiding the truth from me to see
Wouldn’t it, also, make me leave?
How very naive!

Peace be w/thee

This was after I confessed & did put to rest
you still talking sweet to all of shes
after you browbeating me? Blocking me further to see

I do know what came over me this morning
I am not able to contain the sheer disdain you’ve brought my way
Once again, the festering of a wound never to heal on it’s own

I can no longer call this my home~~~