On the 2nd,
Two days before
And then
On the 4th of July
Fireworks displayed
I, too, came alive!
A lover, I had not seen
Who I had forgotten his name
Many moons to ago; just the same
Heart laced with a love of an old-flame
Nothing he told me was a fable nor shame
Wanting to whisk me away from our start
Really wanted to show me the right way
I, had never been prepared for that day
So much to convey but why today?
Memories only old love songs
No longer to belong
Outta sight
All gone
…Carry on…
As I lay me down
Bed covers; I do raise
Over head and tucked away
Haunted by the pains of the day
How to sleep, with so much to say
A brain and heart, feeling to fall apart
Your name, not breathe’d past mine lips
Your sinful vengeance; began with a kiss
Why had we failed each other so much?
Silence was to fester, to bloom, & grow
One of us to never really, ever, know
Love was what we did have to hold
My mind, a slip of pills, retreats
A past, mind, fills w/defeat
Blackness; complete
I do believe…

I can…..                                                


               ….~ Sweet dreams~….