Passion the way
So much pride
To be dignified
So, clearly fess
A humble mess
Maybe even few
Did what it was
I was told to do
No other comes
Before my pride
Not the ego or id
Those few of you
To have surmised
I did my very best
I helped us all survive
I, to always pass THIS test
I do not even care! What is to ensue?
Free passes; I threw them all away
I had IT that twenty second day
October to be doomsday
That was the last;
He, I had knew
Of you,too

Ending to                      this game
A mess I too have         totally confessed
Hide & seek, is the             end of your game
Hiding, your deceitful  ways, is lying shame
Sneaking, blocking your sins to come to call
Maybe scribble on your wall; I love you & all
Nine nights and still weren’t completely true
Not the matter what you had thought to do
Trying to retract what it was you spewed
Like two children; tit for tat did ensue
What do you think? I am brand new?
It is damage that has just begun
Before war, I throw in my gun
A fighter, never had let go
My children in tow
Holding both
Their hands
Off we