Drowning out                           the present
There…..be no way,             so much contrast
I tried……..and I begged                  many times, WHY?
Aghast …..current Forecast; holding               so vey steadfast
I wish …..and I want to settle                 and make sweet amends
Sadly, I can.. not pretend, all               we do is constantly contend
This has happened too                 many times for us to last as friends
Wartimes, there is nothing             more for me to make ammends
Pouring down, beyond              my window’s pains, tears reigned
No more anger do I refrain,             numbness is once obtained
The most beautiful               dearest lover of, once, to be mine
It is the end of the line;              nothing more to maintain
I, no longer                    rewind  the hands of our times
Nothing is, as it                   is, perfectly just fine
Time for me to               re’stand; go home
Yes,             there has been a crime
Broken      hearted; my friend
I’m             going home;