My words are tied when I look into your eyes
My tears start to well knowing we failed
I too, put you through your own personal hell…as well

I can not punish me nor you
I can not fathom this to came true
Fuck, we didn’t know what to do

My aches, you waited too long; to me which you came
Disdain filled my days; 9, too which I was amazed
Your excuses these days; you didn’t say it that way

It was enough for you to try to hide it from me
That’s just the same as a lie; I believe
I can not unfeel what has become of us; can’t you see

It wasn’t social media that did us in
It was the fact of another “baby” not kin
The freedom to disrespect me once again

I don’t want another man nor lover
I just want to be alone & slowly recover
It pains me beyond the ends to watch us suffer

All I know is I wanted to die; that’s my reason why
I wanted it to end and say a final goodbye
Now you know the reason as to why I cry….(sigh)
…..I have to say “Good-bye”