Delving into your hazel hues
An innocence radiates through & through
Yet, we are all held accountable for what we do

From the depths she peers ahead
Trying to forge through the pain; again
Wondering how she err’ed in this new end

You, stomping the ground of what “you” both did wrong
Stop the tracks, rewind & throw everything back
That’s how you remedy what you did behind her back

Disorientated deep in her heart; she bled
Troubles to tribulations that won’t lay dead
Decomposing her layers; one by one…shed

It was she, not you, who felt used
Of course you don’t want to end it, too
Your dishonesty pushed her to do what she had to

She asks for no excuse of what you did choose
Your tears are for but your heavy heart; you lose
It is forevermore torn apart……goodbye……..Boo

She’ll always love you…..but this she must do……..