I see it; my s(k)in
My softest of flesh to part
Slowly corrupting my temple @ the start

Slicing so thin and neat
A few stitches & it’d keep
“Cut it deeper, “
you’d hear “her” speak

Feel that sweet sting
Look at that red stream
Pouring out your silent screams

Oh dear child, you; I now defile
I take this razor to your flesh
I pierce your skin until you confess

A satan spawn you were brought
Spewing those words at you; a lot
A mother who cared lesser than not

You to be birthed of a vengeance child
Cursed by evil intentions; all the while
A payback; her as a life long reminder, denile

Sin is what hath brought you here
Now take this razor; my dear
…..it’s time to repent