We seemed to have lost our way
Just this day; we will say as if it’s all “okay”
Holding hands but we wondered away

Please do not spar, this is not child’s play
My heart, I laid out on public display
You, expressing your freedom in the early days

Our love to have ruptured in our hands
Expelling the pain as to where we stand
Fading into no man’s land; we misunderstand

To you, I give w/bloodied hands; my heart
Hoping for you to understand where we did fall apart
My simplest of seriousness of demands; from the start

My love for you is hard to share
I’ve broken away with much despair
It is time for us to part our wares

Watching the love of life; bleeding again
A romance novel from beginning to bitter end
You really know this has been “it” my friend

Until we meet again……..With love, I thee send……