You saw her closer in your sights
She’s drawn nearer; to your delights
Taking beauty to new heights

Arching her back but not in protest
Reaching around she undoes her dress
Your eyes caressing across her naked flesh

Whispers from her pink’en’ed lips
Into your ear she lets it trickle out a bit
Passionate pleasures of a fantasy script

Naughty’ness of all your dreams
Fulfilled by her tricks to tease
A deviant sexual queen of extremes

Her hands in motion, unprovoked
Knowing soon, she wants to be choked
Your cock she starts to smoothly stroke

Your treasures she takes
Into her amazing mouth; no mistake
You brace yourself as she makes you quake

She fondles you with a feverish hunger
Licking every inch; You the prey she the hunter
No other woman can ever compare to her as a lover

Asking if you could outlast; you just laughed
Putting your hand on the back of her head
She engulfed you fully; force fed

Swirling her tongue around the base of your cock
Working your balls like smooth liquid glass
You feel it building up and question your laugh

Gagging on your engorged member; nonstop
You came so hard you thought you wouldn’t stop
She swallowed your every single last drop