Tears, heavy years
I, too, see them streaming

Pains sewn in by thine hands
Rips & stains is what now remains

Into the abyss of absolute agony
Awash’ed; magnitude of tragedies

I, unknowingly, forsaking you
My sole breath, each & every day

Besieged by the waves of melancholy
This reality so ironically fictitiously faulty

Remorse was and is always our next of kin
In the clutches of all our, so many, sins

Knowing it to be nothing, as was, to be said
Rupturing into a fit; totally uncontrolled, it bled

Within, you are so broken’ing
Corroding’ly foreboding’ly eroding; my King

Not my intention; let it to be told
I never meant for our love to get