Her auburn eyes, grew aflame
Spinning into a frenzy; shall we say craze
She started salivating; he amazed!

Hungering for his throbbing cock
Unbutton to unzipping his jeans; tight fit
Her hands tugging on his boxers, a bit

Away his pants, she had cast
Her hands wandering over every curve & his ass
Sliding down his body, she, like smooth glass

Watering, was her mouth, non-stop
Licking & sucking down to his sweet spot
Feeling his manhood; in her hands she had caught

Firmly she had wrapped her hand around his base
With a flicker of her tongue she shoved it in w/grace
His whole shaft she swallowed down her face

Until he did cum……….
She: Pull up your pants; that was fun
She pointed to the door & said, “we are done”