Undressed, she steps into the shower
Steam to encircle sensuousness-lessly
Her tears start to flow; helplessness-ly

Presenting her face-up under the spray
Each droplet to erase her unfortunate day
infinitesimal moans slip from her sadden sighs

Lathering her hair w/Lavender & eucalyptus
Scents to calm her spirit & remove despair
Only oily tear drops slide down the drain

Upon her knees; she begins to pray
“Please, Lord; take this horrid pain away”
The silent screams split her mind in time

“Take this razors edge,” it said
“This is what you’ve missed,” it hissed
“Fill the void with stings of a razors kiss”

“Come on we can do this”!
“Stop crying like a little bitch”
“Slice it quick, don’t you miss this”

Not only her skin gets split…..goodbye for a bit