Close thine eyes before corrupted for all time
Seeing through the heavy veil of lies
Behind the curtains; oh lord, …..why?

Be it the power that they be
Be it the holy greed they oversee
Be it the poverty, they will breed…..why?

Poisons bled into our foods
Dyes & cyanide for me & you too
Our fruits modified & beef re’homogenized….why?

Your passion for truth will lead you to lies
Unveiling the evil plan(s) of those up in the sky
Be it their reasons….I can not see….. why?

Into the depths of one’s psyche
Into the mind slightly not rightly
Into the brain; going insanely unsightly……why?

Gnarling at this planet; til we look like the moon
Killing as they see so; never looking back as they go
Sucking all our precious resources dry……why?

Their power is tightly masked
But hear me loud & hear me clear
The aliens are for sure HERE!