Painfully lifting weighted lids
Darkness seeping in the mind
Brightest of light; just a dream
No sunshine can there be seen

Awoken by the lies of a cunning thief
In the lonely shadows, fears softly did weep
Singeing sins upon the toxic flesh; so septic
Fantasies, deteriorated into life’s realities

Shutting down, getting numb-er than not
Back to days of sickened original thoughts
What was then taught, never to get caught
Relentlessly, fighting now to forfeit.. lost

Rebuking all deeds of waste & disgrace
Weaknesses, the most beautiful strengths
Chaos smothered over one to embrace
Reality slapped sharply in the face

Escaping back under the sheets; retreat
Reversing what was built on toxic beliefs
Gathering many thoughts “sort-of-speak”
Expanding on feelings of being; incomplete

One last swallow of utter defeat
Lids to lashes flutter closed
Dreamless-ly drifting away…
… Asleep …
for keeps

No longer stuck in this realm