(forewarning….it’s a LONG one)

Begrimed clouds, came to fully cover
The day she was to have discovered
He was married to his children’s mother

She, now dreamless; if you were dare to ask
She’d tell you; hidden behind her mask
She’s devoid of basking in a dreams light
It’s a chore if you will, even a task & plight

She stopped breathing; choked on her misgivings
She feeling so very shattered, broken, & unforgiving
She, no longer spoke on a life worth living

Into the cold world; she wandered w/out hope
Blinded by darkness that did inevitably enveloped
Days to years as she tried to learn how to cope

Believing no audacious lies; she, to turn too wise
Alone she claimed her stake to her own fame
Bringing hope to others in serious pain & disdain

She placed herself behind the others
Listening to woes & beautiful wonders
Wishing all well &, if need be, a speedy recover

She was giving to a fault
She didn’t know when to stop
She sacrificed herself a lot

Struggling with heart, she picked up her blade
Leaving her body; the stress went away
She looked at her thigh & began to filet

Her last hap-stance, she had to regret
For it was the last time of that event
Slicing right through the spirit she went

We lower her into the earth; on this Sunday morn
She had did her best but could taken no more
She had failed her test, now we lay her to rest

Memories melted into your mind
If you ever met her or read her art; sublime
You’d know she was a beauty; almost a crime

It’s a shame she had crossed that line….