Your fantasy, no longer buried within; you win
Silk chiffon fluttering over her soft skin
Gliding closer, you know it’s about to begin

Titillated breasts, silhouetted by mesh
You spy jewels on her pierced flesh; enmeshed
Illuminated by flickers of candlelight; now undressed

A subtle quiver as she advances; closer, yet
With her auburn eyes on their quest
You have already been undressed

Discarded black leather jacket
Stripped of your shirt and pants
She’s reaches to you for a sensual dance

Riding her nails down your entire spine
Past broad shoulders, to your slender sides
Tickled, you start to softly laugh w/a moan’ful sigh

Onto your ass, her hands lay to reside
After a quick sting of a smack on each side
Enough to make your eyes open wide

Thrusted on to the bed; right away
Encroached, she has, onto her prey
She commands you to, “Stop & Obey”!

Quivering in excitement of her sensuous enticement
Flickering her tongue & whispering in your ear
“How deliciously sweet you must taste my dear”!

Her aesthetically beauteous smile did not fade away
She, so mesmerized by your hard naughtiness displayed
She, instead, climbed on top of you; rodeo way