She sat awe struck into stillness
Enlightenment encircled all her sides
Tears un’stitching all that was for’boden lies

Clasped inside her gnarled hands
Trembling; she, blindly peeked inside
Glowing w/in her hands; why a sad surprise?

What is it? she can’t see; she’s blinder than me!
What’s so precious &rare? None to see!
Lips laced; willingness not for share’ingness

With her last gasp, she releases her grip
Shaking’ly to the sky; she raises them high
She’s quit & ready to give up all she’s got to die

Her cherished gifts; all her bobbles & gems
Sadly all that’s left in her crippled hands
The only thing of her’s to have left is…..

….Her lost hope….