Her glitter & gold
Came w/the “shush”
Such a very cold flushed touch

Teaching acts on heinous behalf(s)
Tickling &teasing waiting to fuck her bleeding
Disgrace; bleed down her leg for life
(with each yearly slice)

Years of wetting the bed
She not to care, what it is to be said
Time to shower you nasty girl, instead

No one knew the abuse you’d do
The torture at night that would ensue
Punishment for them not loving you

Stunted body & fucked mind
Threw into a pretend world; another time
Their demise was sending to the shrink that time

A line was drawn & they were gone
Into the abyss as a kid of the system; wished
It was young for a long ago

Each year lost & alone
No where to call home
18 came calling; go start your life

Institutionalized for 5 yrs
Now you throw out on your ear
Where is that mother who said loved you dear?

Oh, shit…..