She kept her wishes hidden;
In a well, now, full of webs
Black widows had made their beds

Sticky strings of silk
Awaiting their prey to milk
Suck ‘em dry; withered to wilt

Spying deeper into the well
Tripped, stumbled & now did fell
Lost, to be of her hope, she can not tell

Darker,still yet, grown so dank
Decaying candy coated kisses
God awful! They smelled so rank

Down the befouled walls she had clawed
Decomposing wishes landed her fall
Covered in shit flies, worst of all!

Quickly, her heart they devoured
So, into her mind; she climbed
Pennies, nickles, & dimes; hard times

She sank……….
Amongst tossed copper of empty promises
Buried in incompleteness & obsoleteness

Her wishing well had run dry…..she was bilked