Spin the bottle
You have won
Turn around; we have some fun

Her heated breath on your neck
She gives you a slow lick & peck
Shivers run down your manly chest

Her nails claw under your shirt
Broad back for her dessert
She whispers, “you my baby, I won’t hurt”

Gazing down into her pools of blues
To her knees she had dropped down
Wanting you more than you can believe

Caressing between her breasts
Tracing her fine precious lines
Pearls sneaking between both crests; so divine

Succulent lips licked & puckering for pleasuring
Eyes flirting fire in her waters of calm
She fondles your balls to tease (she knew all along)

Spin the bottle
You have lost
It’s the truth that is at cost

You start begging, “…not the truth!”
“Let’s skip this go around”?!
You plea for one more spin

With her grin to your chagrin…yet…she welcomes a 2nd spin