Always in his white T & blue jeans
Did not matter the time of year
Too cold & he had his flannel gear

Toiling with the woods; we’d work
It was fun hearing his stories; so absurd
A life long ago before his body got so fragile & old

Where’d he go?
Why’d he have to leave?
Why is it just me?

Why wouldn’t they let me say good-bye?
Why was I was restricted from your side?
They said a lot of blood & I might cry; denied?

My heart was aching for one last touch
To know it was really you who was gone
That just a shell was left for us to long

Denied that grace
Displaced, defaced, & devalued
devastated, denial, & ultimate death

I was crushed in every sense
No longer the protector to my defense
No longer the keeper of what was priceless