this is a long one….if i do not hold your attention….I will try better next time (promise)


Lifting her skirt
Stripping her stockings
Skirt flirting down around her feet

Raising her blouse
Her brazier covering a little amount
Her naval perfectly rounded; mature w/grace

A holler
(come take your place)
(the water is warm & I miss your face)

The siren sweetly rings in his ears
(Coming my dear)
(Get it hot; don’t waste a single drop)

To slide under the water, she slinks
Her naked body, like a fine lynx
Dripping wet from the triple jet

She pulls him closer into her space
Mesmerized by her beauty so bare
A woman who knows how to take care

Clawing up his back to his nape
Sliding down to his manly chest
She hesitates as she buries her face

Her slender physic
Never has he ever did meet
He spied her & knew none could compete

Her cravings start overriding
She twists to face the wall
She arches her back; exposing her crack

Masculine hands devouring her skin
Moans of intensity escape her lips of sin
He starts & grabs her hips with a slight grin

Wiggling her ass closer
She feels him at full mast
Guiding him in; not too fast

…..but, can he last???
Her pussy is tight, hot, & slick as wet glass
Thrusting his shaft on all the sweet spots

He can’t stop……..but can he last?