Gruesome views shown to you
Scrolling through your news reel
Not wishing to see the abuse unveiled

Only if you have a good heart
A beaten child; don’t you care?
Like, copy, & share!!!!

A beaten hound
A bloodied wife; crying on the ground
Black & blue toddler, maybe 2, found

10 thousand camel’s fleas;
On you they will feed
If you don’t share, how could thee not?

Stop the violence; expose their crimes
Upheaval of emotions gone wild
A disgrace for those horrendous acts so vile

No heart, so they’ll scream and say
Jesus you can’t believe in anyway …..unless….
You share these horrid pictures for others to see

Press the word w/graphics so traumatizing
Horror for an emotion is better than none?
Desensitize & demoralize societal norm

Denouncing of other’s emotional woes
Showing others “you don’t know ”
Suffering, sadness & rage are the…….