Between her sheets
Covering her windows
The sun intrusively beats
Morning has come hither to greet

Crust in her eyes;hair matted & dry
Its been days since she’s felt alive
Needing that fix; her, denial to quit
Wondering who’s cock shes gonna have to lick

Sliding on panties crusted with day old cum
Another journey for her has just begun
Her care for herself; she has none
Who gives a fuck; she’s another fiend to fuck

A pill to pop
A line up the nose
A rock to roast
A needle to make the final overdose

Numbed to her reality of no hope
Her spirituality corroded with dope
Not a rational thought to help her cope
This is her life; full spectrum scope

Lost hope …..stuck on dope!


this area is riddled w/homeless drug abusers (and mentally ill). It’s so bad I call them ZOMBIES….they are, and it’s an epidemic…..what are “we” as the people to do to take care of our fellow “human”…..where are the answers to this horrific degradation of our human race….<sigh>…..close to heart & it’s close to a family memeber.  I have never dabbled in drugs at all except for cannabis and that’s a whole other line of conversation I’ll save for another time.


Thank you for reading some of my art…Much Love & L8ght