A numbness to cross your soul
Feelings are all lost; you out of control
Needing to know your alive; so, you bleed

Your treacherous tears flow
Wickedly wild laughter in tow
Never to know which will show

Throw-away friendship is of your cost
Never bonding with another to cross
Exhausted on trying; you are accepting’ly lost

Forever & a day, to have passed long ago
Only love to have known to be true
Taken by vicious families to ensue

A wanderer you are meant to be
A place never to call home; you see
Keep searching but all you’ll find is those lost

Lead some to the light
Bring back words of peaceful insight
Give hope to the hopeless left w/plights

That’s the life that you have been given
Stop your misfortune and misgivings
Correct your path & start giving & living